27 Stunning DIY Stuff for Bath Room


Unless you don’t really care about hygiene, showering is a private ritual that is mandatory every single day. It could be boring sometimes, since you just do the same thing every shower. However, this routine can be more fun with some creative additions to your bath room. Plus, you can make them by yourself at a considerably low cost.

If you are into natural freshness, you just need glue and some pebbles. Arrange the pebbles to a rectangular shape under a rubber doormat then stick them tightly with glue. Put it behind the bath room door to welcome you with nature vibe upon entering. You can also put it next to the toilet or beside the bathtub. Another DIY idea is to construct wooden racks. It is common to find a rack in bath rooms as a place to store bathing equipment, but you can design another purpose for it.

Get some thin planks, and build them into medium triangle shapes. Hang them onto the wall, the placement is varied based on your creative preference. Apart from being regular bathing stuffs storage, they can also function as unique decoration. You can even put mini decorative plants on them to bring a soothing experience while showering.