25 Ways to Choosing Colors to Present the Summer


The heat of the summer can make people reluctant to stay too long in one place. To make it worse, the direct exposure from the sun can burn a person’s skin, so they like to stay under shades or get inside a cool room. House is the favorite place to protect yourself from summer’s scorch. However, a house can feel too hot even without dripping a sweat. One of the factors is the paint color.

It is a scientific truth that there are two kinds of color, the ones that absorb heat, and the ones that reflect it. Don’t ever think about applying dark paint such as black or brown on a house if you don’t want hell to be delivered to your living room. As an illustration, imagine someone wearing a dark outfit to walk around the park during summer. It is undeniable that the person will perspire a lot more than those wearing blazing colors. This happens because the searing heat is absorbed significantly. As a solution, in such a high radiation from the sun during summer, it is better to paint a house with bright colors because they can reflect the heat. The colors of this category include white, blue, or yellow.