25 Simple And Modern Garden Design


Modern landscape design is an expansion and refinement of mid-century modern or Modernist garden design, hearkening back to the 1950s or earlier when residential architecture reflected optimism and rooflines exuberantly jutted toward space. Later, things became more organized into geometric sections with polymorphic shapes. Sometimes, modern and contemporary design are confused. To make things even more complicated, back in the 1950s to 1970s, mid-century modern design was referred to as “contemporary”. Nobody was aware of or referenced the then-current times as mid-century. If it wasn’t Ranch, Colonial, or Victorian but it was new, then it was contemporary.

Unlike standard landscaping, which concerns itself primarily with flora & fauna, modern landscaping relies on additional components as well. Wood and stone accents, minimalistic patios, efficient walkways, and even metal implements all play a vital half in an exceedingly trendy out of doors style coming up with.Some might imagine of contemporary landscaping style
for the back yard or front yard as the work of a rigid heart or inorganic soul; on the contrary, it’s the mark of a truly poetic man, the man who gives thought to his personal space and surroundings. The foundation of modern landscaping lies in philosophy and geometry: however do the plants, furniture, and varied walkways all match together? Are they unobtrusive, perhaps even zen-like? Do they enhance the house and draw the viewer’s eye to deliberate focal points, rather than distract with peripheral clutter? These are the questions that the modern landscaper asks himself, and the answers come in the form of an updated and all-inviting Eden.