20+ Trendy Winter Casual Outfits You Have to Try


Just because you’re carrying one thing casual and cozy doesn’t mean your outfit can’t additionally look elevated and cool. In fact, generally carrying your normal basics may be very trendy and classy. We’ve found that the trick comes down to picking out the right accessories to add in. A simple pair of cat-eye sunglasses, a luxe crocodile bag, or a pair of silver ankle boots can instantly transform your outfit and make it look more stylish. Yes, even once carrying one thing as easy as a sweater and a try of jeans. Want to visualize some stylish ideas that are fashion girl–approved?

But how exactly do you wear the necessary winter layers so that they add to your ensemble, instead of taking away from it? Well, the secret is all in the rest of your look. Color mixing, balancing volume, and smart combination of textures (just like leather, faux fur, and suede) are just some of the genius winter fashion tricks used by your favorite celebs to totally nail cold weather street style. Want to see for yourself? Click ahead for the best ways in which to wear cozy gear and still look mad cute. Though just in case you need a little bit of inspiration, we’ve got you covered with these cute winter outfits ideas.