20+ Stunning Women Leather Jacket For Winter


One classic wardrobe staple that belongs in each woman’s closet is that the leather jacket. The ultimate layering piece, a cool leather jacket will do everything from elevating a tee shirt and jeans to creating a mistake dress look a lot of casual. It’s a hero piece that can do it all. And depending on where you live, it can be a layering piece to wear year-round or a transitional jacket to wear on repeat in the winter.

They come in all colours, but the majority in this list are black, not only because it’s the classic biker colour, but also because a leather jacket is an investment piece that should effortlessly slot into your wardrobe.Of course there are those among us who simply don’t do black, and there are leather jackets aplenty for them too: for Indiana Jones vibes, try a dark brown, while nothing looks more expensive than buttery cream or taupe leather. A good leather jacket should improve with age, almost moulding to your silhouette as it becomes softer and increasingly battered, so it’s important to consider how it will look in five, or perhaps ten years’ time.