20+ Stunning Painting Ideas for Your Extraordinary Room


Wall is one of the most essential parts of your room. You can’t imagine living in a room without a wall, right? Apart from making sure you get privacy there, the wall can also function as a place to hang various accessories to better suit your personality. However, if you are a simple person and don’t want to hang anything on the wall, you can still apply some patterned paintings that are cool and eye-catching. Here are some tips for you.

You can paint your wall with a broom. It sounds weird, but you will get unique thin vague lines between the paint rather than a boring plain color. If you are more into shapes, try to use tape to create square pattern on wall, then paint the inner side of box. This method is easy and cost-friendly. To add a natural breezy vibe to your room, you can cut a cardboard into hollow cloud shape then do the same method as in the box shape above. But, what is about vintage style? Well, you can use sponge to create soft brick motifs. Dip the sponge to orange paint then apply it on the wall. Don’t forget to use a ruler to get straight orderly motifs.