17 Way to Look Fashionable With Your Puffy Jacket


This season, if there’s one jacket that you simply need to have, it’s a puffer. These big, bulky, and insulated pieces of outerwear are both the warmest and coolest styles to be caught in this winter. From basic black designs and chic silver styles to oversized maxi shapes and attention-grabbing vintage varieties, the puffer jacket has an option for everybody , and that we can show you how to wear your favorite. After all, what’s the point in rocking the coolest coat around if the rest of your outfit is dragging it down? So, before you begin buying this new winter staple, read abreast of the way to style this season’s must-have puffer jacket. Afterward, you’re sure to be hitting the streets every day, no matter if it’s cold, raining or even snowing, just to show off your sensational style in this outerwear essential.

I was in denial earlier this month; reaching for a peacoat or even a menswear-inspired overcoat seemed reasonable. Not anymore. With the Winter chill setting in, we’ve no other option but to bundle up — and bundle up fashionable . The solution is, of course, a cozy, padded puffer jacket that insulates and seals within the heat. When it comes to buying a puffer jacket, a black design makes an excellent option. While bold, statement shades are often incredibly fun to wear, nothing says “sleek and sophisticated” quite like black. The simple hue is also seriously versatile, meaning that you can wear it with practically everything and anything. So, whether you’re rocking mom jeans or a knitted dress, a black puffer can make the right outerwear addition. For a more fashion-forward look, you’ll also try partnering a chunky black puffer with a slim, pencil skirt and heeled boots. While a monochromatic palette will always appear chic, you should feel free to also experiment with different colors.